Our Blocsilver breathable see through high frequency emf protection fabric like all the “bloc” product range is only available from emf-protection and our chosen partners. 

As with the rest of the Bloc range it has been developed by our founder Glynn Hughes with carefully selected manufacturing partners.  The aim of the Bloc range is to offer our clients a premium and effective product but through diligent development, at an affordable price, often the cheapest on the market but without any compromise whatsoever on quality. 

Blocsilver is no exception, offering exceptional shielding qualities of up to 52dB against modern technologies such as Cell Towers, GSM, 3G, 4G, current 5G, Wi-Fi, Smart meters and general cordless devices.  Importantly, it has excellent air transfer qualities, it is see through, washable, and durable.  Of course it is OK to present this information in our web presence, but we back it up too, by offering a no hassle returns policy and a two year guarantee, to help you take our word for it.




Our BlocSilver canopies are the most popular EMF bed canopies we sell. Customers love them for thier great value and shielding properties

Y-Fry router guards reduce the amount of radiation from a WiFi router whilst allowing the user to still use their WiFi.

This pop up dome allows protection on the go!

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